Topics to Cover In Your Pitch

The Company

  • Product Description/Service
  • Company Ownership
  • Management Team
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
  • Strategic Alliances

The Opportunity

  • Market Analysis (Size, Growth, and Characteristics)
  • Customer Analysis
    -Purchasing Model
    -Key Success Factors
    -Cost of Acquisition/Retention
  • Sales Analysis (and Price)
  • Customer Service Analysis and Cost of Service
  • Production & Distribution (and Cost)
  • Description of Competition
  • Resources, Strengths & Weaknesses of Competition
  • Expected Competitive Response

The Context

  • Macroeconomic Environment
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Technological Environment
  • Risk and Reward
  • Discussion of Risks
  • Plans to Limit Risk
  • Discussion of Rewards
  • Exit Strategy
  • Three Year Projected Statement of Operations
  • Capital Needs

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